Getting started

This guide is to introduce you to Softyflow, the low code platform that enables you to build and deploy your apps with low code Softyflow.


Softyflow is a high scalable low code platform, that can be used in the cloud or onPremise providing a solution to build applications using a powerful toolbox as user friendly modelers and project management modules.

Global view

Get started with projects#

A project in Softyflow contains several resources that will generate a full functional application :

  1. User forms : The end user form that the user can interact width
  2. Processes : Can be triggered from
  • User forms manually
  • Timer or batch with a predefined frequency
  • Email notification from a trusted sender
  • Web service with double authentication token schema
  1. Collections :
  • Mongodb databases that can be used to store business data
  1. APIs :
  • The set of APIs to connect Softyflow to a third party system
  1. Reports :
  • Provide process reports to embed in a user form for custom reporting including pre-built measures
  • Provide data that can be used for custom Dashboards

Get started with User forms#

Before, create your first project with the following name : demo.

create project

1. Create your first user form#

Create a new user form with the following name : demo-user-form

create user form screenshot

2. Build & Save your form#

Drag and drop the desired components from the right sidebar and organize your form as expected

build user form screenshot

3. Preview your form#

Click on the eye icon on the top right panel to preview your form in TEST mode.

Get started with process#

1. Create your first process#

Create a new process with a specific name for ex : demo-process

create process screenshot

2. Configure your process#

In the demo process, we implemented a simple manual task assigned to a manger with approval / rejection actions. Some email notifications will be sent after the action.

configure process screenshot

In the manual task step , fill in the following :

  • Users : The task will be assigned to these users
  • Interface : The ID of the user form
  • If email notification, insert the template

In the email notification step , fill in the following :

  • Users : The notification will be sent to the defined users
  • Mail subject : Subject of the email
  • Mail template

3. Test your Process#

Attach the process to a user form, and trigger your process with the action button "Start process".

test process screenshot

Get started with databases#

1. Create your first Collection#

Create your first databases using the collection tab and give a name to your DB.

Create collection screenshot

2. Manage the Collection#

Use our SDK APIs to perform CRUD operations such as : Create an object, Update an object, Delete an object.

The operations can be performed in the process or in the form.

Get started with reports#

1. Create your first process report#

Create your first process report from the reports section (After creating your process).

create report screenshot

2. Configure your report#

Add columns (Measures from the process), define filters, and give a name to your process report. All instances will be shown with respect to the query and the report colums configuration.

configure report screenshot

Manage the Users#

Create, update or delete your users and metadata using our Users Management Module.

 manage users screenshot

Manage the Files#

Manage the uploaded or created file in the file section. You can view, update or delete the files.

manage files screenshot