User Management

Users Management Description#

SoftyFlow offers the ability for administrators to create, update and delete a user and also gives the possibility to add metadata and join this user to a group that already exists.

Create a User#

Create a new user with a specific gmail, metadata or join him to a group of users.

manage ussers interface
  • Access to IDE : By enabling this option allows the created user to create, develop and deploy applications.
  • Block User : By activating this option, it blocks the user for accessing or making changes.
  • Send mail : By enabling this option, the user will receive a welcome email containing the platform password and login link.
  • See password : By enabling this option, the admin can view the user's password.

Update a User#

Update user metadata, group or even block the user.

create user screenshot

Update Metadata#

update user metadata screenshot
  • Mode : Configure your metadata in accordance with each development mode (TEST, UAT, PROD).

Update Group#

add user to group of users screenshot
  • Mode : Configure your group in accordance with each development mode (TEST, UAT, PROD).

Delete a User#

First, the user has to be blocked in order not to have access to the platform, then can be removed.

block user screenshot

Then, a delete button appears to give you the ability to delete the user.

delete user screenshot