1. Implement your application project#

From the IDE homepage, click on Projects.

Create a new project, provide the name and the description.

Data : Databases and custom lists definition

Workflows : Workflow definitions

APIs : External API definition

Reports : Instance & Tasks reports definition

Versions : Version Management.

1.1 Design your user form#

From web modeler, drag and drop UI components.

The web modeler allows you to :

  1. View the developed form at anytime using the eye on the top right banner
  2. Manage the fields business rules by screen as shown below
  1. Define the UI configuration
  1. Define custom scripts
  1. Retrieve the UI versions
  1. Save your form using the cloud icon

1.2 Design your workflow#

Very easy drag and drop workflow modeler, you will be able to define the path of your business process with custom gateways, rules.

For each step of your process, define if it’s :

  • Task
  • User Task
  • Subprocess
  • Email notification

Define for each step, the input and output variables and provide the computation using NodeJS

For each process step, give the correct configuration such as :

  • For email notification :

    • Name of the step
    • Users receiving notifications : may be static or a variable or a role
    • Mail subject
    • Input and output variables
  • For user tasks:

    • Users receiving the manual task
    • Groups
    • Observers on the step
    • Interface and screen
    • Due date
    • If mail notification, provide the mail subject and template

1.3 Design your users reports#

From reports tab, define if it’s an instance or Task report and give it a name. Define the :

  • Columns
  • Filters

Click on the save button to save a report.