When the unitary and integration tests are successfully checked, you can now deploy your application in

  • Acceptance : The application is ready for testing by end and business users
  • Production : The application is ready to be deployed in production

1. Version Management#

You can create a version using the version tab.

  1. Give a name to your version, using the best practices naming convention
  2. Give a description to your project
  3. Pick the components and the version you want of each one
  4. Save your version
  5. Choose now the target environment :
    • UAT : Acceptance
    • PROD : Production
deploy global screenshot

2. Application mode#

The application is now available in your environment. Use SF_mode to navigate between environments :

  • For test mode : SF_mode=test
  • For acceptance mode : SF_mode=uat
  • For production mode : SF_mode=prod
interface rendered for app screenshot

Your version now an ID. If you update a User form, process or any other component and you wan’t to push a new version.

  1. Create a new version
  2. Pick the version you want to use
pick version to deploy screenshot