After building your project, it's time to build your application step by step, and there are two ways to build your wishes, manually or using the wizard.

build ide screenshot

1. Wizard#

SoftyFlow has an embedded wizard that lets you easily create applications.

wizard dialog screenshot

1.1 Create a workflow#

Create your application easily by adding app steps or you can customize it.

create wordflow dialog using wizard screenshot
After that, add your roles to each step as a group validation task and that's it, your app has been created successfully including (UI, Process, Reports).
config screen roles dialog screenshot
process wizard screenshotuser form wizard screenshotreport wizard screenshot

Customize your application using wizard#

First, you need to download the Excel file by clicking on Download template. Open it to edit it by adding process steps and customize your screens by adding widgets and their rules management (Visible, Required or Editable).

create workflow using wizard Excel screenshot
  • 1: Give you the option to add title to your application.
  • 2: Give you the option to add a description to your application.
  • 3: Give you the option to add step to your process.
  • 4: Give you access to configure your screen.
config user form component using Excel screenshot
  • 1: Add title to your widget.
  • 2: Choose your widget type form dropdown box (input, number, checkbox...).
  • 3: Set the value to yes if your widget is required.
  • 4: Choose if your widget will be editable.
  • 5: Set the value to yes if this will be added to your reports.
  • 6: If the type is (Drop-down list, Checkbox, Radiobutton) you may add data that will be displayed in your widget.

After saving the Excel file, upload it and continue the steps to create your application using wizard mentioned above.

1.2 Create a data management#

Easily create your backoffice with the help of the wizard, after creating the BD where we will store the data comes from that backoffice. There it two type of BD you can use, the collection DB or an external SQL DB.

create BO dialog screenshot

2. Manual Build#

2.1 Create your first user form#

Create a new user form with the following name : demo-user-form

manual create user form screenshot

2.2 Build & Save your form#

Drag and drop the desired components from the right sidebar and organize your form as expected by following the settings defined in Web Modeler.

Build & Save your form screenshot

2.3 Customize your application using custom code with Softyflow editors#

You may attach actions to your user interface components with low code. By following the settings defined in Web Modeler.

action user form config screenshotOr even you can define your functions in the scripts that will be used as an action.script config user form screenshot

2.4 Preview your form#

Click on the eye icon on the top right panel to preview your form in TEST mode.

2.5 Build & Save your process#

Drag and drop the desired components from the tools box to create your workflow. by following the settings defined in Process Modeler.

Process screenshotRun a test from your application by triggering the workflow
test process form Dom screenshot

Check the workflow instance in real time

check running process screenshot

2.6 Deploy your application#

After testing your application, the application can be used in the UAT or PROD mode by deploying it see next chapter.